The world is moving rapidly forward in its consumption of data from internal and external sources including mobile and web streaming data, IoT, geospatial, and social media data sources. This creates new opportunities to gain true wisdom from the rich source of available data. This is where our Data and Machine Learning experience is enabling business differentiation and success for our customers.

Artificial Intelligence delivering the most advanced predictive analytics to extract maximum value from your data and differentiate your business.

In a fast-paced environment, fuelled by a phenomenal array of data – both structured and unstructured – combined with ever advancing technology and data science techniques, predicting the future is now a real possibility.

Differentiating through data discovery, Inawisdom uses the latest AI techniques to deliver business advantage.

Organisations gain advantage by optimising the latent value in data assets to increase sales, margins and maximise operational efficiency. Now, they can also detect potential fraud, security concerns and other business risk exposure, as well as proactive maintenance of any physical assets.

Many factors including the dramatic reductions in the cost of IoT sensor technology lead to huge volumes of data which can be securely managed via existing API standards. Machine learning processing algorithms and implementations have matured to a point that it is economically feasible to gain real business advantage from applying predictive analytics and automated decisioning techniques to vast sets of rapidly changing data. And Cloud computing is now established as the disruptive economic and delivery model that underpins all these other advances.

Established organisations often have many advantages over newer market entrants such as access to existing data sets, mature distribution networks, scale and funding.

Convergence of Forces


However, these are often offset by a number of barriers that prevent them from exploiting the new technology opportunities. Barriers can include lack of skills and experience, lack of focus away from day to day operations, and difficulty in mapping the many technology-originated trends and often associated ‘industry hype curve’ into real business opportunities.

With a major obstacle being the lack of pace for adoption – this convergence is feeding an acceleration of change that is making it harder and harder for enterprises to respond, putting them at increasing risk of being out-innovated and missing out on the prize.

This is the gap that Inawisdom fills for organisations – realising the benefits that this wave of digital disruption brings, using a focussed, controlled but rapid model to quickly move from multiple hypotheses of potential business value to tangible outcomes.


Feasibility Studies and the Business Case

Applying rigour to the innovation process, sizing the potential RoI opportunities

Proof of Value

Mitigate risk and remove uncertainty via tangible proofs


Architecture and delivery consultancy services – for long term value, factor innovation into the wider business model
Production implementation – with ongoing innovation and support


Providing an enduring, sustainable solution with ongoing support and engagement


Essential practices, combined with a focus on value delivered


Whatever your commercial challenge, we help you differentiate and outperform your competitors. Our machine learning expertise will bring artificial intelligence to your business


Every customer is unique, but common characteristics and patterns exist across solutions, including data security, ingress, storage, processing, analytics, and visualisation. We accelerate customer solutions by bringing intellectual and physical assets to the table

Cloud First

It’s a commonly used term, but we mean it. For speed and flexibility we always prefer Cloud delivery models, and then move to non-Cloud models when specific project requirements demand it


We help our customers move at pace and innovate faster. Our approach is rooted in a dedicated focus on the customer outcome

Solution flexibility

We are not working in areas that are solved problems. So, what matters is the selection and combination of disruptive technologies to deliver a business outcome

Enduring capability

We ensure that we provide upskilling for our customers as part of our service. That’s unusual, and very valuable


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