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Your Experts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you have data, you are ready for AI. Inawisdom is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and leads the way in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help customers rapidly unlock the incredible value in their data. We are experienced and proven across a range of AI practices, with a team focused on delivering results.

The technology you cannot afford to ignore

AI delivers the most advanced predictive analytics to extract maximum value from your data so you can differentiate your business. In today’s fast-paced environment, fuelled by a phenomenal array of data – predicting the future is now a real possibility.

AI: The time is now

Unlock your data
Uncover trends, spot anomalies, predict outcomes. Your data is ready to be transformed into usable insight. The possibilities are endless.

AI for everyone
From Financial Services to Manufacturing and Utilities, businesses from all industries are harnessing the power of their own data and delivering benefits across their organisations from customer experience to operations, marketing and finance.

Its easier than you think
With our specialised packages, we can get you started on your AI journey in just weeks. Get in touch and let’s get going.

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With you every step of the way

Inawisdom provides a wide range of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services. Whether you are new to AI and need help getting started or you are already experimenting but need some expertise, we can support you at any stage of your AI journey.

Your partner in AI success

We make AI easy. Your organisation may have data in different formats from varying sources, need a platform to get going or lack in-house data science skills – every customer is different. We know you want a customized approach so we offer full stack services to match your requirements. At Inawisdom, we can help you begin, manage and embed AI for long term success. 

Take a look at our Customer Journey Infographic and see just how quickly you can adopt AI in to your business


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AI in Action: Success Delivered 

We have helped transform our customers’ businesses with rapid, effective results. We are trusted by leading brands to drive ultimate value from AI.

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