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Led by Robin Meehan, co-founder and MD, Inawisdom is a company of experts dedicated to transforming the way businesses think and operate.

Our exceptional and proven leadership team includes the CEO, CTO and CFO from the first ever AWS Premier Partner in Europe, publically recognised as the ‘cloud natives’ by Amazon.com CTO Werner Vogels.

Together with a large pool of the UK’s leading architects and enterprise-grade solution consultants, this team has in depth experience of taking emerging technologies to the Enterprise Market, delivering real business differentiation.

Robin Meehan, CTO
Robin Meehan, MD

Robin is a technology strategist with a proven track record in leading and executing technology innovations and adoptions to make a real impact across multiple organisations. As co-founder and Managing Director of Inawisdom, his mission is to help organisations to exploit every aspect of their data using Artificial Intelligence.

With extensive expertise, Robin is highly regarded in the industry as a thought leader and a ‘go to person’ for value creation in product and technology development to these innovations including Cloud computing, API management, big data technologies and Identity & Access Management.

Neil Miles, CEO
Neil Miles, Founder

As co-founder of Inawisdom, Neil has an extensive background, founding and growing a number of highly successful businesses. As a leader and innovator in the Technology sector, he is passionate about investing in people and working closely with customers, to enable them to get the maximum value from their data – the key is to drive growth, revenue and business differentiation.

Neil is also heavily involved in TechEast, the not-for-profit organisation and plays a fundamental role in promoting and supporting the digital technology sector across the East of England.


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At Inawisdom, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is integral to our business. As an AWS Premier Partner, our team are committed to being AWS experts and employ AWS capabilities in every solution we deliver. That’s why we’re exceptionally pleased to have added a new AWS service......

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