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Life After ML Models – Your critical guide to MLOps

In this latest guide, Inawisdom, alongside global powerhouses AWS and Intel, looks at the long term value of ML and how, post model creation, organisations must focus on Machine Learning Operations (MLOps).

Doubling down on debt – AI and Machine Learning in action

How could a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning help utilities overcome mounting challenges in debt provision, prevention and forecasting?

Intelligent Data Lake and Analytics

Discover how Data Lake and Analytics can set your business apart from competition, allowing you to make data-led decisions.

AI in Health & Safety

As Health and Safety takes a more prominent position across many industries, there is a growing will to utilise emerging technologies to make everyday life in the workplace more secure.

AI in Debt

AI and ML offer companies the ability to solve real-world business problems, like debt . Within just weeks, it is now possible to find the value hidden in data and drive tangible business benefit .

SAP Data Lake and Analytics

Learn about our joint proposition with Lemongrass about taking your data from SAP and non-SAP sources, and turning it into tangible insight for your business.

Last-Mile Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The rapid growth of E-Commerce/B2C transactions over the past decade is creating real challenges for the Transportation and Logistics industry.

Shipping Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Inawisdom and AWS have proven experience in leveraging a multitude of data/analytics services and AI and Machine Learning techniques to help leading tanker operators better understand and accurately model their fuel consumption.

Machine Learning Discovery-as-a-Service

Rapidly discover ultimate value from your data with best-in-class machine learning.

From Ideation to Reality

Discover the pathway to AI success as a customer with our step-by-step guide on how to get real value from your data.


Discover how Compass Group began a data-led transformation

Getting value from your data starts with good strategy. Hear from experts at AWS, Inawisdom and Compass Group to learn how you can implement a successful data strategy – to improve sales, forecasting and customer experience.

The emerging role of MLOps in the full ML Lifecycle

Intel and Inawisdom discuss the increasing power of MLOps to drive ongoing value from ML and the imperatives for success. With ML becoming a go-to technology, the need for long term sustainability is key.

Your Easy Path to AI Success Getting Started and Getting Value

Getting started with AI and ML begins with a clear understanding of these incredible technologies and how they can be leveraged. Find out how you can get started in our 60 minute video.

How to Get Started in AI: Turn Data into Business Insights in just weeks

Ever wondered how to get started in AI and how long it takes? It’s easier and quicker than you think. Watch our animated customer journey in action and see how you can turn AI from an idea to a valuable tool

Achieving Hyper Personalization with AI/ML

In this webinar, you will learn how AWS is enabling that hyper-personalization, how AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AI/ML specialist Inawisdom is helping customers extract as much value as possible from their data, and more.

Accelerating AI into Production: The Rapid Path to Digital Transformation

Watch our webinar to learn how you can get your business on the path to digital transformation, with key insight from our expert speakers from AWS, Inawisdom & Aramex.

Machine Learning and Automated Model Retraining with SageMaker

Learn how Inawisdom uses Amazon SageMaker as part of a solution to build, deploy, and continually retrain machine learning models running in production.

AI: The ultimate tool

Join us for our 30 minute webinar and see how businesses like yours are utilising our AI expertise and Machine learning accelerator services to swiftly interrogate and assess their data to achieve incredible results.

Demystifying Cloud Data – Prove Real Business Value From Data You Already Hold

Join Matillion and Inawisdom to hear practical, no-fluff answers to commonly mistaken AI questions, and understand just how easy adopting AI can be with the right approach.

Upcoming Events

Scaling for Success

15th April 2021 – 9am GMT / 10am CET

A webinar covering how to create a platform for scaling AI in the future and how speed and flexibility are important factors in ML deployment featuring AWS, Opus Insights and Inawisdom.

Expert Views: 5 Minutes On

InaNutshell: 5 minutes on Amazon Redshift with Phil Basford

Phil Basford, AWS APN Ambassador and Inawisdom’s resident Cloud expert, discusses Amazon Redshift and the key benefits it can offer customers when using it.

InaNutshell: 5 minutes on AI in Debt

Dimitrios Gontzes, Inawisdom’s Head of Data Science, discusses AI in Debt and the key benefits of how AI can help customers with debt.

InaNutshell: 5 minutes on Contact Centre Intelligence

Graham Masterson, Inawisdom’s Head of Strategic Business Development, discusses how AI and ML can help achieve contact centre excellence and the key business impacts.

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A rare event! Last night, I attended the London MLOps meetup in person, something that has not been possible for getting on for two years....

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[21st December 2020]– Inawisdom will join forces with Contino under the Cognizant Digital Business Group to drive end-to-end AI/ML and digital transformation excellence.   Press...

AWS Ambassador and Inawisdom Head of Practice - Solution Engineering, Phil Basford - talks us through his wish list for the upcoming AWS...